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EasySiteWizard Pro
EasySiteWizard Pro

Drag. Drop. Done.
EasySiteWizard Professional is an intuitive website builder that allows users to easily design, edit and maintain their own website. Featuring the latest in design functionality, and an elite selection of high-quality website templates, this powerful site builder operates 100% online and requires no plug-ins or additional software to install.

The application interface has been carefully crafted using Ajax technology which allows users to easily customize their site pages by simply ‘dragging’ and ‘dropping’ text, graphics and forms where they choose.

Simply choose one of the professionally designed website templates and you’re on your way!
• Easily add your own text, images, headers, and links – and position them with pixel-perfect precision using the drag and drop editor.
• Looking for the perfect complementing image? A quick search of our integrated library of thousands of royalty-free images is only a click away!
• The built-in spell check ensures your site is error free, polished, and ready to go live.
• The WYSIWYG design interface requires no html experience, so you can create your unique site all on your own.
• Professionally designed templates help make your site look like the work of a high-end designer.

Drag and Drop
Resize and move text boxes and images anywhere on the template.
- Enables the user to have complete creative control with the layout and design of their site
Submenu Support
Easy-to-navigate editor makes building pages simple.
- Supports an unlimited number of pages
- Allows for more site content
- Robust navigation
Save and Publish
Easy-to-use ‘save page’, ‘preview’ and ‘publish’ functionality.
- Changes are easier to make and save resulting in increased usability for users
More Flexible Templates
Gallery of unique professional templates with new templates added monthly.
- Pre-optimized templates for search engines
- Allows for flexible design with images that can be resized and personalized
Spell Checker
Spell check functionality for all supported languages.
- Users can create polished and professional websites
Ajax Based
Leading web development scripting for creating maneuverable and responsive web design editor tools.
- Increases a web page’s interaction, speed and usability
- Allows layering of images and text
- Offers drag and drop functionality
Modern Interface
User interface has a simple layout that is user-friendly, clean, and functional.
- Intuitive interface allows the user to easily create a unique website in minutes
Photo Objects Gallery
Gallery of thousands of unique images that can be utilized with EasySiteWizard 7 Professional.
- An extensive variety of images, organized by industry verticals, to design a distinctive website

*Available only on Bronze hosting plans and higher.
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